LA REFALOSA lindamente asigurao, y parao de las patas, que si se mueve es a gatas. hasta que le da un calambre y se cai a patalear, Hilario Ascasubi lo. Hilario Ascasubi La Refalosa Isidora. Cargado por. julio · Introd Ingles-de calle Cargado por. julio · Bartolome Hidalgo. Cargado por. julio. “La refalosa” arrives at the border of the voice. says Ascasubi, which is reminiscent of Hernandez’s Vida del Chacho (): “The unitarist savages are having.

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La refalosa ascasubi analysis essay

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La Refalosa : Drohrede eines Mazorqueros und Belagerers von Montevideo

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La Refalosa : Hilario Ascasubi :

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10 jun. I: S.S.M, masculino, 36 dia de vida, natural de Curitiba – PR. HMA: Parto cesárea; 39,5 semanas; peso g; estatura e PC normais; banhado. Encefalopatía hipóxico-isquémica. .. inflamatoria o hidrocefalia crónica del adulto; para el diagnóstico diferencial mediante biomarcadores en casos selectos. 20 jan. gestacional com encefalopatia hipóxico-isquêmica. Há pelo menos 10 estudos clínicos randomizados descritos na literatura que sugerem uma.

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El modelo de encefalopatía isquémica hipóxica de la isquemia perinatal

Click here for the english version. For other languages click here.

Please recommend JoVE to your librarian. Different lab do HIE model have many difference.

Rehabilitación Neurológica del Adulto by Zoraiida Fuentes on Prezi

We put pups in container and container was put in baby incubator to keep the temperature inside the container with 37 degree. You must be signed adilto to post a comment.

Please sign in or create an account. I thank you for this useful protocol. Might you describe how you avoid the mice cannibalism when you return the mice with their dam isquemca the surgery and after the hypoxia exposure to the cage?. I appreciate your time and answer.

Hi, it’s really a useful protocol. Unfortunately, I cann’t the fulltext.

The Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Model of Perinatal Ischemia | Protocol (Translated to Spanish)

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Resultados representante Figura 1. Com ligadura bem-sucedida do CCA, a cor do navio acima do local da ligadura deve virar branco.

A subscription to J o VE is required to view this article. Isquwmica will only be able to see the first 20 seconds. Mouse Models of Periventricular Leukomalacia. Get cutting-edge science videos from J o VE sent straight to your inbox every month.


Hi Everyone, I am wondering if someone could let me know how to obtain E and E certificates. They relate to getting healthcare abroad. Siège CNS , route d’Esch L Luxembourg Luxembourg. Tel: (+) 27 57 – 1. Fax: (+) 27 57 – Formulaire de contact. We received the S1(old E) forms this morning. I will post the tel no you need in the morning can’t go downstairs at the mo, hubby watching footie with Irish.

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Apply for form Register with a healthcare insurer in your country of residence with a form Once you have received the form from HollandZorg, you use it to register with a healthcare insurer in your country of residence.

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Book in the Trek Mi Q’an seriesDorothy “Dot” Araiza is a sex-toy maker by trade. One would think she has an active social life, but on the contrary, her. Get this from a library! Devilish dot. [Jaid Black] — Dorothy “Dot” Araiza is a sex- toy maker by trade. One would think she has an active social life, but on the. Devilish Dot (Trek Mi Q’an, Book Six and half) book download Jaid Black Download Devilish Dot (Trek Mi Q’an, Book Six and half) Devilish Dot.

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She has been credited blwck fusing romance and erotica to create a whole new genre. By the time the author was four, her parents had separated, this eliciting her move to Cuyahoga Falls in Ohio. Jaid was mostly raised by her mother, though things changed somewhat when Patricia married Charles Marks.

Black was ten years of age by this point, with the family eventually moving to Akron, Ohio. Events prompted the author to move again when she was 15, the family eventually settling in Tampa, Florida where Jaid Black stayed until the age of Most people know very little about Tina Marie Engler because she has made more of a name for herself as Jaid Black.

Once a struggling writer barely making it on welfare, Black has since become immensely rich. The author has made an appearance in every notable medium, from popular magazines like Forbes to major newspapers like the Washington Post. The author has also made appearances on Television shows and radio programs. With dozens of books and novellas under her belt, Jaid Black has made her mark on popular culture, one that will probably last a lifetime. Kyra Summers is a modern day earth woman that has been kidnapped.

A tall, muscled warrior claiming to be her sacred mate forces her into marriage. His home world of Tryston is a little difficult to adapt to.

Series: Trek Mi Q’an

Females decilish frequently sexually subjugated by the barbarians who have claimed them. With laws designed to cater to hedonism, Kyra finds love on the alien world to be a difficult thing, this blqck bringing her spicy escapades to life. There are many words that can be used to describe this book, and crazy is probably one of them.

The book suggests that the primary purpose of any given individual is to find their sacred mate. A sacred mate is that individual for whom you have been predestined.

Devilish Dot – Jaid Black • BookLikes (ISBN)

Fans of erotica will obviously get a kick out of this book. However, anyone simply looking to for a good book to read might be baffled by the rationale of this novel as a whole. This book is one long train of sexual encounters.

The fact that the human women in the story, after being sexually satisfied by multiple partners until the cry out loud enough to satisfy their sacred mate, lay large eggs makes no devilush, especially seeing as Jaid Black never suggests that their human physiology somehow changes to make such occurrences possible.

Everything goes in this book; it almost feels like Jaid dit fishing for the most ridiculous ideas about sex that she could find and simply throwing them on the page without first thinking them through. Kyra, a tax accountant, makes a shockingly quick transformation, becoming immediately enamored by the idea of frequently wearing skimpy clothing and even adapting the exhibitionist and voyeuristic tendencies of the people around her, all within a few hours.

There are so many orgies in the novel and most of them feel so random. This is a book about a world that revolves dkt sexual pleasure, where aliens spend their nights and days seeking and achieving nonstop ecstasy. The third book in a series, Enslaved tells the story of Kil, an intriguing character and his mate Marty, the one heroine that can tame him.

His inability to help her compelled him to drive all emotions away, this while putting off the search for his sacred partner. This is where Martha comes into play; a woman from Earth inMartha is ripped out of her world and thrown onto the planet Tron, this while being aged ten years. Unlike Jad, Martha encounters the village of Wani which is ruled completely by women. Here the men are the slaves. However, Martha is quickly overcome by Kil who enslaves her and throws her in with the rest of his harem.

Fans of erotica tend to take this book more serious than people who do not understand the genre. Everyone agrees that Jaid Black makes more of an effort to write a decent story here, though. Marty is actually well developed as a character, smart and witty.

Jaid Black emphasizes the fact that Martha is a woman who is pulled out of the burgeoning days of the feminist era and who must then endure and ultimately succumb to the enslavement of her captor.

Follow the Author

The author is more interested in telling a sexually appealing story than selling a message or appeasing certain types of readers. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Our author of the month is Canadian author Opal Carew who writes erotic romance novels.

Opal has jzid over novels with multiple book series such as the Dirty Talk series and the Abducted series. Jaid Black Books In Order.

The Yuge Wall of Jina: Jack Reacher is back! Personally I thought this was the 2nd best Reacher book yet. Family secrets come back to haunt Reacher when he decides to visit the town his father was born in. Because when he visits there he finds out no-one with the last name of Reacher has ever lived there.

It leaves him wondering – did his father ever live there? Every devilisn weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. We’ll base this on various factors for example “If you like Jack Reacher Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month. It’s just an incredible light sci-fi series that fans of “Dark Matter” would also enjoy.

It’s free on Kindle Unlimited too!

Any authors or characters we’re missing that we should add? Let us know – we’re continually fot new authors and characters daily. Monthly Poll How often do you recommend the books you read?


Mesna uses, side effects & warnings drugs mesna effects, dosage, interactions london cancer guidelines. It is used either by mouth or injection into a vein learn. Inh Sintesis Proteica L asparaginasa (e. coli) Erwinasa (erwinia crisanteni) efectos adversos de la quimioterapia. Alquilantes Ciclofosfamida Ifosfamida Tiotepa. Enfermedad cardiovascular severa. Hipersensibilidad conocida a ningún estradiol o a mostazas nitrogenadas. Ifosfamida. Presentación: 1g.

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You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification ciistitis submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. More actions PayPal accepted.

Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again 1 positive review 1 unidentified.

Pharmacheck Pharmacological Prospect General ifsofamida Pharmaceuticals Source text – English Pharmacokinetics: Prednisolone is rapidly and apparently almost completely absorbed after oral administration; it reaches peak plasma concentrations after hours.

There is, however, wide hemorragics variation, suggesting impaired absorption in some individuals. Plasma half-life is about 3 hours in adults and somewhat less in children. Its initial absorption, but not its overall bioavailability, is affected by food.

Prednisolone has a biological half-life lasting several hours, making it suitable for alternate-day administration regimens. Prednisolone shows dose dependent pharmacokinetics, with an increase in dose leading to an increase in volume of distribution and plasma clearance. The degree of plasma protein binding determines the distribution and clearance of the free and pharmacologically active drug. Thus, reduced doses are necessary in patients with hypoalbuminaemia.

Prednisolone hemordagica metabolised primarily in the liver hemkrragica a biologically inactive compound. Liver disease prolongs the half-life of Prednisolone and, if the patient has hypoalbuminaemia, also increases the proportion of unbound drug and may thereby increase adverse effects. Prednisolone is excreted in the urine as free and conjugated metabolites, together with small amounts of unchanged Prednisolone.

Significant differences in the pharmacokinetics of Prednisolone amongst menopausal women have been described. Consecuentemente, en pacientes con hipoalbuminemia, se requieren dosis disminuidas. Medical general Source text – English There are risks and hazards related to the performance of any surgical procedure. The potential always exists for infection, hemorrhage, blood clots in veins or lungs, allergic reaction, medication reaction and even death.

I also realize that the following risks and hazards may occur in connection with this particular procedure: These problems may necessitate further surgical procedures, which may or may not correct them. I hereby give permission to my physician or any assistant he may deem appropriate, to photograph the intended surgical site for diagnostic purposes and to enhance the medical record.

I further authorize my physician to use these photographs for teaching purposes. Anesthetic agents or any other medications can be harmful to the fetus of a pregnant woman. General anesthesia should be avoided during pregnancy whenever possible. I hereby state that I am not pregnant and accept the responsibility of making this determination before the procedure or surgery hereby authorized. Smokers are recognized to have a significantly higher risk of post-operative wound healing problems and complications, as well as intra-operative and post-operative bleeding.

Patients should discontinue smoking for several weeks before and after surgery. Although it helps to stop for several weeks before and after surgery, this does not eliminate the increased risk resulting from long-term smoking. I am aware that I will be given pre-operative narcotic and sedative medications and that the effects of these drugs will not subside by the time I am discharged. Some drowsiness may continue throughout the remainder of the day following surgery.

Operation of a motor vehicle is not advised for 24 hours after any drug is administered, nor should any important decisions be made. I understand that because of the potential effects narcotics may have, it is recommended that a legal responsible adult drive me home and stay with me for at least 24 hours after my procedure or surgery or longer if I remain sedated, etc.

I agree to follow the instructions given me by my physician to the best of my ability before, during, and after the surgical procedure. I understand that patient responsibility, proper performance of the postoperative care and regular return office visits are critical to the success of the operation.

I acknowledge that I have read and filled out the patient registration and medical history form fully and correctly to the best of my knowledge, and that the information that I have supplied is correct. My physician has fully explained in terms clear to me the nature of the procedure to be performed, the foreseeable or common risks and complications, alternative methods of treatment, as well as what I may experience if recovery is uneventful.

I have read this document or have had it read to me and I understand its contents. I hereby give my unrestricted informed consent for the surgical procedure. La anestesia general debe ser evitada durante el embarazo siempre que sea posible. Translation for Lomography Spain Microsite General field: Staying true to yourself is so important. When we deny our needs, our wants and our desires, we stifle the beauty and creativity within. It is important to listen to your gut, to show up for yourself in every way possible.

We were born with intuition for a reason – and I think when we listen to our natural human instincts, we can find happiness more easily. How can we ever grow? We have to be open to these moments, they are all there if you allow for the space.

EST3 – Formulations stable oxazaphosphorine 2-mercaptoethanesulfonate. – Google Patents

When we have the space to be who we really are, and we are not afraid, we flourish. Permanecer fiel a uno mismo es muy importante. Cuando negamos nuestras necesidades, anhelos y deseos, sofocamos la cistltis y hdmorragica creatividad internas.

Es importante escuchar a tu interior y estar para ti mismo de todas las formas posibles. No creo que las mujeres deban temer a mostrar su verdadero ser. Cuando tenemos lugar para ser quienes realmente somos, y no tememos, florecemos.

Pharmacological Insert General field: Mucolytic agent, Detoxifying agent for antineoplastic treatment urotoxicity of oxazaphosphorine Mesna was developed as a prophylactic agent, used to prevent and reduce the urothelial toxicity haemorrhagic cystitis induced by oxazaphosphorine alkylating agents such as ifosfamide or cyclophosphamide.

Analogous to the physiological cysteine-cystine system, following intravenous administration, mesna is rapidly and easily converted by autoxidation to its only metabolite, disodium 2,2′-dithio-bisethane sulphonate mesna disulphide, dimesna forming a disulphide link. Mesna disulphide remains in the intravascular space and is rapidly delivered to the kidney. In the renal tubular epithelium a considerable proportion of mesna disulphide is again reduced to a free thiol compound, presumably mediated by glutathione reductase.

Acrolein or other urotoxic oxazaphosphorine metabolites are detoxified by chemical reaction with the free thiol compound i.

The first and most important step towards detoxification is the reaction of mesna with the double bond of acrolein, resulting in the formation of a stable thioether which can be detected in the urine by chromatography. In ifosfamlda second step, mesna reduces the speed of degradation of the 4-hydroxy metabolite in the urine.

A relatively stable, non-urotoxic condensation product from 4-hydroxy cyclophosphamide or 4-hydroxy ifosfamide and mesna is formed. As a result of this chemical interaction, mesna inhibits the degradation of 4-hydroxy cyclophosphamide or 4-hydroxy ifosfamide and hence the formation of acrolein.

The presence of this intermediate chemical species can be detected by chromatographic urinalysis Pharmacokinetic properties: Mesna, a free thiol, is easily and rapidly transformed by auto-oxidation into its only metabolite mesna-disulphide dimesna. Dimesna remains in the intravascular compartment and is quickly nemorragica to the kidneys. In the epithelium of renal tubuli, dimesna is again reduced to the free thiol compound, which is then able to react chemically in the urine with toxic oxazaphosphorine metabolites.

Elimination being almost exclusively renal starts immediately after administration.

Quimioterapia para el cáncer de testículo

Excretion is as the free thiol mesna in the first 4 hours after a single dose and almost exclusively as the disulphide dimesna thereafter. Renal elimination is almost complete after approximately 8 hours.

Eschatology Translation General field: Esoteric practices Source text – English I am sure you understand Mr. All of us have been tempted, at times, to give our students something from a higher course. There is enough for any student to digest and use in the particular course they are studying. Your work is to teach your students how to reason, and thereafter demonstrate what they have learned. Such teachers are always successful; for the visible fruits following this good work are so gratifying to the student, that he cannot refrain from telling others; and soon there will be a well-beaten path to such a teacher, no matter where he be located.

Tales maestros son siempre exitosos; ya que los frutos visibles subsecuentes a este buen trabajo, son tan gratificantes para el estudiante, que este no puede abstenerse de contarle a otros. Thank you for your interest in my profile! My name is Gloria. I am a native Spanish speaker and a fluent English speaker. I specialize in Medical translation, but I also do high quality General Translation, Transcreation, and Transcription.

I am highly qualified to do Medical translation. I went to Medicine School in one of the top Universities of my country, La Salle University, for a period of three full years. I can translate any medical text from any medical specialty. So far, now working as a freelancer, I have successfully translated 30 extensive pharmacological inserts for a Canadian company; 50 medical letters for an ENT and Plastic Surgery Office in Los Angeles, CA, US; and worked more than hours for a popular and trendy Artistic Photography company.

All of these, and a few more, in only 9 months. Please feel free to review some samples of my works in my hemogragica, and also feel free to request for more samples, if you wish. My experience also includes doing professional and skillful interpretation for the largest interpreting company in the U.

Regarding my education and other working experience, it is important to mention that I also lived and studied in the US for a considerable time. My excellent command of the English language has also allowed me to work successfully in the past as an English teacher ifosfanida as a Bilingual Executive Assistant and Receptionist for over 7 years, altogether.

Thank you for your time!

I look forward to work for you very soon! Profile last updated Sep 5, More translators and interpreters: Or create a new account. View Ideas submitted by the community.


To provide a conceptual framework for this discussion, we employ the classic BuyGrid model (Fig. 1). Although we have proposed a new BuyGrid framework. Video created by IE Business School for the course “Marketing Strategy Capstone Project”. Learn online and earn valuable credentials from top universities like. The purpose of this study was to perform a statistical evaluation of the BUYGRID Analytic Framework (BAF) to determine whether it is a general model of.

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Inthe Canadian, American and Israeli marketing researchers, Robinson, Faris and Wind, introduced the buygrid framework as a generic conceptual model for buying processes of organisations. They saw industrial buying not as single events, but as organisational decision-making processes where multiple individuals decide on a purchase.

Their framework consists of a matrix of buyclasses and buyphases.

BuyGrid Framework Software –

The first-time buyer seeks a wide variety of framewok to explore alternative purchasing solutions to his organisational problem. The greater the cost or perceived risks related to the purchase, the greater the need for information and the larger the number of participants in the buying centre.

The buyer wants to replace a product the organisation uses. The decision making may involve plans to modify the product specifications, prices, terms or suppliers as when managers of the company believe that such a change will enhance quality or reduce cost.


In such circumstances, the buying centre proved to require fewer participants and allow for a quicker decision process than in a new task buyclass. The buyer routinely reorders a product with no modifications.

The buyer retains the supplier as long as the level of satisfaction with the delivery, quality and price is maintained. New suppliers are considered only when these conditions change. The challenge for the new supplier is to offer better conditions or draw the buyer’s attention to greater benefits than in the current offering. The most complex buying situations occur in the upper left quadrant of the buygrid matrix where the largest number of decision makers and buying influences are involved.

A new task that occurs in the problem recognition phase 1 is generally the most difficult for management. The buying process can vary from highly formalised to an approximation depending on the nature of the buying organisation, the size of the deal and the buying situation. The relationship between the buyer and seller is initiated in phases 1 and 2. Assessing the buyer’s needs and determining gaps between the current and desired situation is important.

buygrdi Buyers need assistance in forming realistic perceptions of both the current and the desired situation. Need gaps create the motive behind any purchase. The relationship needs to be developed during phases 3 to 7. A sales person must be aware that a buyer not only has functional needs, but psychological, social, knowledge and situational needs as well. These components should be addressed in meetings in order to obtain commitment.

There was a problem providing the content you requested

The purchase can be a one-time transaction of a repetitive nature. When there are multiple deliveries, the supplier and buyer must agree on an order routine. As buyphases are completed, the process of ‘ creeping commitment ‘ occurs and reduces the likelihood of new suppliers byugrid access to the buying situation. During the performance feedback and evaluation phase, the relationship between the seller and buyer can develop into a longer term engagement.

buygrid framework

Buyer loyalty and customer satisfaction are primarily determined by the sales activities during this last phase. The major implication of Robinson, Faris and Wind’s research is that industrial buying behaviour depends more on the buying situation than on the type of product. The model explains the likely interaction between buyer and seller activities given the purchase needs of an organisation.

It helps sales personnel deliver the correct message at the right time. Suppliers need to fill out this matrix for their firm’s specific situation. For each cell in the matrix buy situation and buy phasethe following questions must be answered: Is this combination of situation and phase relevant? Which organisation members influence buyggrid purchase decision? What are the used performance indicators? What are the information sources?

The buying side of the model can be used for both consumer and business related buying processes. It applies to all purchase situations. The model is based on the observation that buyer’s expectations and behaviour change according to whether the purchase is new, a modified rebuy or a straight rebuy. The model can provide the basis framewoek a formal selection process e.

The buygrid framework proved its worth to the scientific community as one of the few industrial buygrd models. The organisational buying model focuses mainly on products and not on services.

A shortcoming of the organizational buying approach is the negligence the supplier’s side and the influence this party wields on the customer’s organisational decision process.

The model neglects the importance of acquisition in sales processes.

New Tasks The first-time buyer seeks a wide variety of information to explore alternative purchasing solutions to his organisational problem. Modified Rebuy The buyer wants to replace a product the organisation uses. Straight Rebuy The buyer routinely reorders a product with no modifications. Organizational buying contexts guygrid the procurement process:


Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Chibcha is an extinct language of Colombia, spoken by the Muisca, one of the four advanced .. (in Spanish) Diccionario y gramática chibcha – World Digital Library; (in Spanish) Muysc cubun Project – with Muysc cubun–Spanish dictionary. Mariá Stella González de Pérez , Diccionario y gramática chibcha: manuscrito anónimo de la Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia: transcripción y estudio.

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Edlund fonts Made with multilingual Mac Tolkien translations. Learning anything about Chibchan languages and related topics is uphill work.

There is only occasional agreement on which languages belong in the family, a problem compounded by the fragmentary documentation of many South and Central American languages. Diccionaroi are living Chibchan languages with thousands of speakers that remain barely documented.

Much of what work has been done is, of course, in Spanish, and even much of the Spanish-language work is extremely difficult to access — in unpublished theses, diccionarip in journals that are hard-to-find even by normal academic standards, academic books published in small numbers by Latin American academic presses, or century-old tomes now confined to a few university libraries or diccionaio very pricey sections of rare book shops.

Hopefully, in future, more material related to Chibchan studies will be published or republished in easily accessible electronic formats.

Chibcha Studies – Online Resources

In English, the best starting points for the modern researcher are probably: This is technically unpublished but available for purchase in scanned PDF format. The author compares a number of Costa Rican Chibchan Votic and Isthmic languages and Muisca Magdalenic in order to reconstruct their relationships, including a phonology of Proto-Chibchan and list of reconstructed Proto-Chibchan vocabulary.

This is a fairly fundamental work, and pretty much required reading no matter what your own native language is.

Adelaar and Pieter C. Unfortunately, this dkccionario is fairly expensive, but as a general reference work on Andean languages it is likely to be found in many university libraries or perhaps even the better sort of public libraries in the English-speaking world.

Beyond these relatively accessible introductory materials, the search seems to become much more difficult. Lincom Europa,but reviews of it suggest that it is somewhat problematic.

Glottolog – Chibcha

Nicholas Ostler perhaps best known as author of Empires of the Wordhas written and co-written a number of journal articles on Colombian Chibchan primarily Muisca ; his analysis of Muisca sonnets in Fray Bernardo de Lugo’s grammar is online in somewhat oddly formatted PDF and HTML formats, and an article with Hope Henderson, ” Muisca settlement organization and chiefly authority at Suta, Valle de Leyva, Colombia: There is an online list of articles from the journal’s inception in up to aboutbut no articles themselves, and little information about how one might subscribe to the journal assuming it’s still alive if your local university isn’t a subscriber.

In future, perhaps, we can hope they will consider simply distributing PDFs as presumably much of what one pays for the physical book is intended to cover the cost of producing a physical book, and the cost of producing a PDF would be close to nothing. Dumbarton Oaks,in which several chapters particularly discuss issues related to past and present Magdalenic Chibchan speech groups: Hoopes and Oscar M.

I started by trying to learn something about the now extinct Muisca language, and from there my interests have expanded into other Colombian Chibchan cultures and languages.


This Pin was discovered by Anica Molnar – Ivančević. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Norman Foster has 60 books on Goodreads with ratings. Norman Foster’s most popular book is Foster + Partners: Catalogue. This Pin was discovered by Louanne. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Document publishing platform How it works. Enter Remember Me Request new password? Log in using OpenID. Dear Visitors, Welcome to Dubrovnik, the City of beauty, harmony, and material and spiritual wealth that has been created over centuries.

Inflight Magazine CROATIA Spring by Croatia Airlines – Issuu

I am extremely proud that we can now offer — in the City that boasts historic achievements in the fields of literature, the arts, diplomacy and science — an exceptionally exciting present as well as a promising and developing future, in every sense of the word, which will inspire you to come back to Dubrovnik over and over again. Choose some of the entertainment programmes in Fort Revelin, Lazareti, Orsula and other unique venues, enjoy top quality events within the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and numerous other independent productions, and, in each of these settings, feel the power of history and the love for this City that has existed for centuries.

In the names of both the City of Dubrovnik and myself, I wish you a pleasant stay in our City, hoping that you will soon come back! Vlaha, kojega slavimo 3. Ivo Felner – the last descendant of a respected aristocratic family, doctor of chemistry and Dubrovnik citizen with a Swiss address – was entrusted with the entire renovation project. The City of Dubrovnik is under the heavenly protection of its patron saint, St Blaise, whose day is celebrated on 3 February. The painter is still actively involved in the breeding of silkworm and in the preservation of the exquisite Konavle embroidery.

Our journey will take you to the picturesque area of Konavle towards a spectacular structure, Sokol Grad, a recently renovated fort which will leave few visitors indifferent. This issue includes other interesting texts.

Enjoy reading them, and explore the City that will always tempt you to come back. Gospodin Felner je dr. Onda je i darovatelj sretan. D – ubrovnik is the city of my ancestors and my own city. It is a symbol of freedom and culture. Although encompassed by walls, Dubrovnik is open to the world — always has been and has to remain so.

In view of this, we have to be aware that we are not living in the past, but are living from the past heading towards the future — says Mr.

The renovation and furnishing of the Kaboga summer residence took about ten years, and — had Mr. Felner not been so persistent and inspired by the overwhelming emotions that his childhood home aroused in him, everything would have remained merely a fine wish and a noble intention.

In the process of the ten year restoration of the summer residence, there were many obstacles — from administrative ones to earning the trust of those wishing to invest a significant amount of money in the heritage, without asking anything in return. All the difficulties, however, were put aside and forgotten the moment the summer residence shone in its renewed stone beauty.

Felner is a doctor of chemistry, a Croat with a Swiss address and citizenship, which he acquired after obtaining his degree and doctorate in Zurich.

That is why Mr. Felner constantly stresses the following: My task was to organise, oversee and realise the summer residence renovation project with the aid of many friends and experts, which was a huge challenge and not at all simple.

Two South-East European Manuscript Recipe Collections in their 17th-Century Historical Context

The important fact is for one to give from the heart, wishing happiness samostahskih the one who receives. This in return makes the donor happy.

Felner also holds the City of Dubrovnik Award, presented to him in a token of appreciation for everything he has done for the preservation of the historic buildings heritage, the sqmostanskih of the one-time famous Dubrovnik Republic. I am immensely grateful to all those responsible for presenting me with this award, motivating me to continue my donor mission — within the realms of possibility. It is within these areas that the zidkna owners, the Dubrovnik aristocratic families, continued with their city life and customs.

Built inthe summer residence is characterized by its L-shaped layout and clear horizontal jeoo. In addition to the main building, this summer residence has a portico, a loggia, a terrace in front of the facade, a chapel and an orsan boat shelter. These sections of the summer residence are built samosranskih a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles, which is characteristic of Dubrovnik architecture. Namely, the architects of the time were skilled at combining these two styles in a single building.

By Kate Bagoje Above it a Gothic loggia has samostahskih added to the main building, its front facade facing the River Ombla and its rear to the back garden. Porticos and loggias were more often built in the first half of the 16th century, when the summer residence buildings had few openings, so these half-open architectural units established a connection between the summer residence building and the garden and the surrounding areas.

The terrace continues in front of the loggia and above the orsan, along the side walls and behind the summer residence, its spaciousness compensating for the small area of garden located between a steep rock and the sea. Like all large summer residences, this one uza its own chapel used by the owner and his family.

Its front wall facing the River Ombla is characterized by rich architectural decoration. The rectangular one-nave chapel has a barrel-shaped ceiling, and its central part is topped by a small semicircular cupola characteristic of the sacral buildings from bygone centuries. Close to the portal stands a very elegant detail — the richly decorated stone font with a shell shaped niche. The orsan too occupies an important place in the summer residence complex.

It was used as a asmostanskih for the boats with which the owners came from the City to their property, and as a storeroom for fishing samowtanskih. In addition to the main building, all these elements show that this type of Dubrovnik summer residence is also unique on a European scale. In her will, she donated 28 applied art objects to the Dubrovnik Museums.

Thus she not only made a noble gesture revealing the kindness of her soul, but also made selected items of period furniture and family jewellery from her home available to the public on a iz basis. In olden days, however, it was quite customary to do good deeds, as attested by numerous wills.

best bread, rolls.. images on Pinterest | Bread Rolls, Bakery recipes and Bread and pastries

On the other hand, the Dubrovnik Republic always used to protect its subjects everywhere, who appreciated this and samostansoih how to reciprocate. Public charity was a customary practice. Dubrovnik was among the first to introduce social welfare and establish numerous state and church foundations for public good and use. In practice, she learned, but was also convinced, that the heir is not one who got an inheritance by chance, but one who jeo it.

Pati, as we nicknamed her, was aware of this, so her generous human gesture complemented her professional one, because art historians are heirs by the nature of their profession. At a time when material things are being destroyed, when differentiating attributes and characteristics eamostanskih globalized, when the precious differences which enable us to recognise ourselves and by which others recognise us are denied, and when existence becomes virtualized, heritage becomes a major problem in the modern world.

Koliko je to uzrujavalo samostanskib javnosti najbolje pokazuje tekst objavljen Svoj trenutak svjetske slave Bondin teatar imao je u svibnju One zodina of the Orsan the Dubrovnik name for an arsenal was izdina into a theatre inin which local amateur theatrical groups and Italian travelling theatre companies performed till This is when occupying French troops turned the old Orsan into a military bakery and storehouse.

Located in the premises of the former City Hall – which lost its original function after the abolition of the Dubrovnik Republic – the theatre was named the Ducal Theatre Teatro ducale je,o Auguste Marmont, who was at that particular time granted the title Duke of Dubrovnik Sa,ostanskih de Raguse.

Paradoxically, the fact was that these phantasies were favoured by a decision which the people of Dubrovnik were reluctant to accept: The design for the theatre was ready inbut construction work only began about twenty years later thanks to a descendant of an old Dubrovnik aristocratic family, Luko Bonda. Having completed all the preparations for the construction of the theatre building, he made and printed a construction plan inasking for financial support from his fellow-citizens.

The support was less than modest, but Bonda did not give up on his plan. Inizz significant funds of his own, he began construction work using the design of Emil Vecchietti, an architect from Split. Less than two years later, the residents of Dubrovnik got a theatre with a neoBaroque interior with a typical Italianstyle hall alla italiana. Equipped with a small stage framed by a portal, the hall consisted of three stories with boxes and a parterre fit to accommodate more than visitors.

Alberto-Fortis-Put-Po-Dalmaciji PDF.pdf

The new theatre was opened on 1 January with the Giuseppe Verdi opera Ernani samosttanskih by an Italian opera company directed by Giullio Sanguinazzi, while the orchestra consisted of local musicians, rehearsed by the local samostanskh teacher F. Numerous sonnets written for the occasion were recited from the front rows of theatre boxes. The beautiful and elegant theatre plunged him into debt, and thus he died in Dubrovnik as a poor, but always cheerful and elegant, gentleman on 15 October In the meantime, it has been renovated, adapted and technically updated several times after a thorough renovation init was connected with the adjoining building which now houses a chamber stage called the Bursa Theatreand adorned with new decorative elements.

Until the beginning of World War I, the theatre played host to mostly Italian theatre companies which performed different theatre, opera and operetta repertoires. Sakostanskih Croatian theatre companies visited Dubrovnik less often; after the warmly received Croatian Dramatic Society of Zagreb, which gave 17 performances init was only in the period from — that the national theatres of Zagreb and Osijek appeared with several theatrical and operatic performances.

In that same period, Dubrovnik amateur companies appeared occasionally at the Bonda Theatre, In the beginning, they were shown by travelling cinematographers, but from on, the theatre was often rented by permanent cinematographers. To what extent it annoyed part of the public is clearly evidenced samostanskoh a text published in a local newspaper inincluding the following quotation: They are remembered by a sharp clash between the ideologically opposed parties which ended in one of the first public international condemnations of Nazism.

Before that fromit housed the Croatian State Theatre for the Coast relocated from Samotsanskih after the Italian authorities banned its activities. But Dubrovnik only got its own professional theatre inwhen the theatre ensemble was founded. Where theatrical guest performances are concerned – apart from professional ensembles from Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Sarajevo and Cetinje — special interest was aroused by a performance by the so-called dissident group of the famous Moscow Art Theatre in Djelovao je kao posljednji poslanik Republike u Parizu, samostanwkih se i trajno nastanio nakon sloma Napoleona.

Zadnja datirana skladba mu je sonata iz Luka and his son Antun samowtanskih Luka and Antun Sorgo jslo be seen as representatives of two societies: In addition to his ziddina education, Luka acquired his music education at the Dubrovnik Jesuit College, and later studied with Giuseppe Valente, and eventually with the opera composer Rinaldo di Capua in Rome.

After completing his studies, at the age of 29, he got married, and his extensive business engagements seem not to have left him any time for composing. Using a multitude of diverse samostanskh, from archival documents and books to art objects, the exhibition will be enhanced by a multi-media presentation. The majority of exhibits will be loaned from other institutions, such as archives, libraries, the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, museums, etc.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive promotional and educative campaign, targeting the widest audiences, i. The catalogue texts will, in addition to experts from the Dubrovnik Museums, be written by other renowned scientists, amongst whom are the musicologists and historians: Bilingual promotional and educative material on the exhibition will also be printed. Apart from his official meetings with local noblemen, envoys and with Emperor Joseph II of Austria, Luka took notes jrlo his meetings with the court librettist Pietro Metastasi and the composers Joseph Haydn and Christoph Willibald Gluck, as well as on his visits to the opera and both private and public concert academies, court ceremonies, balls, tuition, and so on.

His opus includes four symphonies, chamber music pieces a string quartet, trios and sonatasas well as both secular and church vocal and instrumental works. His last dated composition is a sonata fromalthough a salon aria of his to piano accompaniment was published in Paris in the s.

After its closure, the exhibition will be transferred into the virtual samostansskih, i. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the exhibition on web sites of the Dubrovnik Museums and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, as well as on a DVD.

Pavla, dok je slikarev stariji brat bio Andro Murat Neko je vrijeme bio gimnazijski profesor crtanja i povijesti umjetnosti, da bi


Cele cinci limbaje ale iubirii(Gary Chapman). 74 likes. Book. Readers’ questions about Cele cinci limbaje ale iubirii. Cum să-i arăţi partenerului că eşti implicat trup şi suflet în relaţie. 4 questions answered. Buy CELE CINCI LIMBAJE ALE IUBIRII by GARY CHAPMAN (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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You can download the. What can I navigate to place this?

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Cele cinci limbaje ale iubirii. Cum să-i — Reader Q&A

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